Sunday, 27 December 2009

This is a new feature in my blog outlining my progress in developing skills in computer games.

This is not something which I intended to happen but as 3 of my younger friends have received technological Christmas presents it is inevitable that opportunites to learn how to play these games will arise. I have found that I don't have to show very much interest before I am given lots of information about the games in question, much of which goes over my head!

So today I have two to share with you both from the house of the same owner:

1) a remote controlled helicopter
It was rather a humbling experience to be completely baffled at how this small object could get off the ground and fly around. I asked for instruction but although I listened carefully I found it hard to follow what I'd been told "you just.....!" Yes well, I managed to get it off the ground once but that was completely random. My friend was very adept at flying it around the back lawn; as it was a communal lawn I'm not sure how many neighbours have had near misses with the object in question as, once in the air, it could fly at quite a speed. It also had the alarming trait of rising then suddenly dropping out of the air completely dependent on gravity. I put this down to poor landing skills of the controller but as I had no clue how to obtain desired lift I couldn't advise him how to rectify things. When he said "shall we go inside now"? I said yes with considerable relief!

2) playing on a "wii"
Back in the warm it was now time for the "wii." Now I can see a future in this. Not in massive doses but there's a lot of fun to be had with this. We did a bowling game. And I won! Whoops, I must show more maturity there. I've never played on a "wii" before but what I saw I enjoyed. Maybe doesn't burn off the calories quite as much as a session in the gym but skills in "hand to eye coordination", excellent scoring system and re-run of highlights. Great. Looked at table tennis too. Struggled a bit on the serve but I think I hadn't quite got my head around the abstract connection between what I did with the handset and what has happening on the screen. Next time I'm going to try cycling. How does that work?

To be continued.....

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