Monday, 28 December 2009

I woke up this morning and have spent a few minutes talking to myself. No, no, no, this is a good thing; honestly!

The conversation went as follows. There are two people involved: +ve (positive) and -ve (negative). Here's how it went:

-ve: Look at that bit of damp in the top corner of the ceiling; how could you let that happen? Can't even take care of your own house. And it's over half way through the holidays and you've done nothing about it.

+ve: "Chill"....all I need to do is make sure I open the windows more and get that dehumidifer in the next few weeks.

-ve: Ha yeah, but what about the study? You've been on holiday all this time and you've still not got your shelves sorted and there's about 30mins worth of clutter to sort through? How can you be so lazy?

+ve: Relax; alright? Going to do some sorting this morning and somebody is going to come round and sort the shelves out in the next couple of weeks

-ve: But what about all the stuff you haven't done. That letter you were going to write huh? And weren't you going to read a few more books? And what about "work"? You need to get your head round next year; new schemes of work? Revision schedules?

+ve: I've had it with you. I've done x, y, z and a, b and c. Made no lists but during chill time last week got loads of stuff sorted. The normal "end of holiday" ironing mountain (only a small fell now!) isn't there. I've got a plan for "work"; I know what needs to be done and when I'm going to do it. And I've had time for fun things too. I am on holiday after all? Hey "nego, you are the weakest link; Goodbye!"

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