Monday, 28 December 2009

I was reminded in one of the shops I was in today (!) of the sound of one of my favourite pop bands, U2. Spending a pleasant half hour looking up some on Utube.

Here is the classic of classics and my favourite of favourites!

Where the streets have no names
No video to watch. Close your eyes and imagine dusty, deserted streets and a longing to be free. I first listened to this after 2 weeks of a hot July/August in inner city Salford. Didn't need to do much imagining!

This song nearly didn't make it. The tape was rescued from the bin and they decided to give it a second try. So glad they did. If you like this then the album to listen to is "Joshua Tree." By far the best U2 album; sparkles heads and shoulders above any of their other albums.

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