Tuesday, 29 December 2009

I take back every single word I wrote about enjoying night driving a few days ago.

I am setting out in a few minutes for a 90 mins journey which will span about 3 counties, 4 motorways followed by a few miles in remote countryside. I'm not anticipating the prospect with glee! Seemed a good idea earlier; so I can have more time with old friends and fit in a few more hours of gassing. Three adults putting the world to rights is fairly time consuming! Breath in; in 2 hours I'll be safely there and be able to enjoy a long, reviving brew.
So thankful that I've found my "Tom Tom". I'd lost it last time I made this journey (doesn't provide directions for finding it inside the house!) but it was daylight then. At least I'll be with something which has a better sense of direction than me!

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