Monday, 28 December 2009

Any of my blog-readers who thought I was a deep, independent thinker and not a follower of the crowd will be deeply disappointed in the next few lines of this posting.

I have just spent 4 hours engaged in full blown SALE shopping. I was not alone and enjoyed the company of a couple of girly friends so that we could take part in that female activity of providing moral support to one another at key points in the procedure, namely where decisions have to be made about which items to purchase. The phrase "that is so YOU" only has to be uttered once for the item to become extremely appealing and a definite on the short list. I am grateful that, by nature, both my shopping mates were frugal and modest in their expenditure so I was not encouraged to spend too much. I have now exhausted the SALE potential of most high street shops and also Matalan. I am satisfied that there is nothing still out there which could have a possible place in my wardrobe. The logical converse of that is I now have "enough" clothes for both my casual and workwear section. Correction, that is not a word which I ever use when it comes to my wardrobe; I will settle for "sufficient." Don't want to restrict the possibility of future additions!

Erm, yes well sufficient for now. I think I can safely say that MissAnna has finished shopping for this decade!

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