Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Do The Next Thing

Someone once gave me this advice when you're overwhelmed with what to do: "do the next thing." It has proven to be good advice time and time again both at work and home because there are times when it feels like you're facing a mountain of things to do but taking on the next thing is a step in the right direction. Granted you do have to decide what the next thing is but for me this evening it was getting on with some studying and despite feeling a bit overwhelmed I made some good progress. Then it was more definitely getting some tea cooked...never a big decision to make when it comes to food!!

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Base Control

You know people told me all of my life
True friendship's hard to come by
But I had to find out for myself
Now I've finally come to realize, oh, oh

What a friend we have in Jesus
All of our sins and griefs He'll bare
What a privilege to carry
Everything to God in prayer
Love this song by Mary Mary which is actually based on a much older song. But it's a lesson I keep having to learn namely that I don't need to carry problems and worries on my own. I can bring everything to him in prayer. It can be when I'm having my quiet time (time alone with God) with my Bible open in front of me. But it can equally be on the way to work, while sitting at my desk, making a brew, shopping, making tea or anywhere. And leaving him to work things out can have much better results than me trying to sort things out on my own.

What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Jump Start A Car

A colleague asked me if he could jump start his car off my battery after work. I discovered something in this whole process. I have no idea how to jump start a car. I know you have to plug those things on the battery but apparently it is more complicated than I first realised. Thankful another colleague stepped in who knew what they were doing.

Think I'll stick to my approach to anything going wrong with the the AA!!  

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Running Endorphins

First 5 minutes is always the worst, always better after the half way point but the natural endorphine rush after is great. And burned enough calories to eat a chocolate bar! This is the 2nd summer I've picked up my running again just as the summer finishes but decided to grow some backbone to run through the dark winter months. First challenge is to find a waterproof belt to keep my phone dry!!

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Loving One Another

I find it hard to love people at times. I find it easy when things are easy and going swimingly. But when relationships with those around me hit sticky patches being kind and patient is harder than being prickly and unhelpful. But God's standard for love is very different and pulls me up short every time. And the ultimate demonstration of his love for us was when he sent Jesus to die on the cross when we didn't deserve it and when he didn't deserve to die. So before my mouth opens and something comes out of it which I'll regret let me remember the standard of love found in Jesus and all the grace he shows to undeserving sinners like me. 

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Having An Old Phone

I have got used to:

  • Looking at a blank screen for a good while as it processed the last thing I asked it to do
  • Limit on types of apps I can download especially Messenger
  • Terribly battery life...where would I be without the charge in the car to top up?!!
  • Looking longinly at other's phones with bigger everything
  • Feeling pleased with myself to be still using the old banger after nearly 4 1/2 years!
  • Looking forward to the day when it finally packs up and I can get a swanky new phone
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You've Got Mail

You know the scene if you know the film. Joe Fox on the boat having split up with his long term girlfriend and his Dad is with him having finished yet another marriage. His Dad says: "all I have to do now is find that one single person who fills me with joy...that's the easy part"....Joe says, Have you ever found that? and then realises of course he finds that in Kathleen and it's happy ever after. But a point well made. Be a joy seeker!


Perspective makes a big difference when processing something. It can be changed by circumstances altering but equally by thought processes changing. I personally find a chat with a good friend who loves me enough to be honest with me can often massively change my perspective on a situation! Just the act of talking through something can lead to a fresh perspective and better way of handling things. Glad to have had some friendship perspective input this week with a situation I've been finding tricky.

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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Facebook Advertising

I have a great printer but it's one of those where you have about a million cartridges so when one runs out you need to but the whole set. Well, unless you are careful with money and do some careful googling. I will see if I've been successful when it arrives soon. What alarmed me though was I then find on Facebook adverts for ink cartridges. How do they know??? Maybe we do live in a nanny state???

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Ed on X Factor

I may have been taken with Ed's looping but the judges were groaning on X Factor at the number of Ed Sheeran songs, particularly Shape of You!

Yes I watched the first in the series although I wasn't giving it my full attention...never too impressed with the talent at the initial auditions anyway. "Wallpaper."

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The Bigness Of Creation

Spent a lot of time in the countryside the last week. Enjoyed some amazing sunsets, some country smells (brought some home on my shoes) and just loved feeling so free in the fresh air. Beauties which just took my breath away and which my phone camera could do no justice for.

It is clear what the Bible has to say about this kind of experience. It is obvious from nature that there is a creator God and this leaves us without excuse and we have him to answer to. We can only come to him through trusting in Jesus as our saviour.

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Half Way Point

The first 5 minutes of a run are always the worst. I have to remind myself of this as I want to give up as I find my breath hard to get and there just seems so much ahead. Running as I do with an app I just do as it tells me too so after that first 5 minutes I'm aiming for the half way point and the "ping" it gives which indicates the end is nearer in sight than when I first started. But on a bad run that can offer little encouragement as still the same again.

Makes me think how often I am working with that kind of mentality, half way through a working day, half way through a working week (the "hump")  half way through a tricky social gathering, half way through a difficult meeting. The list goes on...makes me think how easily it is to wish your life away and stop living in the moment. Appreciate what each minute brings and live for now, then what the next moment brings.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

Kesha Praying Explanation

OK so I said I'd give some thoughts on the Kesha Praying song.

Well for me as a Christian I recognise that there is always somewhere to go to after something devastating happens such a relationship break up or a host of other things which can come our way in a broken world. I am safe in Jesus, my life is rooted in him and that gives a security which can help me weather whatever comes my way. There is also the knowledge that my life is safe in the hands of a God who is in complete control. Doesn't mean the pain isn't real but I will never fall beyond the reach of God's grace. The most important thing anyone can do in this world is have their broken relationship with God restored by trusting in Jesus as their saviour.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus' blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus' name.
On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand.

Music Therapy

Spending a bit of time in the company of JS Bach. I've played his stuff on piano and violin but my big soft spot is for the unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas for violin. I cannot claim to have ever been able to play the first part of this one but I have tried and had lots of fun in the process. It has a wonderful tension where you use one string as a bass note whilst playing over the others giving a kind of rocking motion. Fiendishly hard but when it works the effect is sublime. Bach just makes other composers shallow my comparison....on my humble opinion!

Bach Partita no 3 in E major

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