Sunday, 1 October 2017

It's The Small Things That Matter

I was once talking to a long married couple about what made their marriage work. They said it was the small things that matter. Never forgotten that and found it to be very true in relationships in general. Being thoughtful and considerate in the small things can have a powerful impact on the other person/people. I know I am often on the receiving end of other people's kindness and thoughtfulness and that has encouraged me to reflect it back...although not always to the same people. Still a work in progress too because I am selfish and self centered!

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Period Drama Raining Men Montage

I'm not sure if I've posted this before? Just makes me laugh every time I watch it; the sad thing is I've seen 80% of the period drama shows and some multiple times. I've even been to Pemberley (aka Lyme Park) three times but never managed to bump into Mr Darcy there. Anyway, this will appeal to any period drama lover...if you're not just skip posts. I would split this into guys and girls but not always the case!

Period Drama Raining Men Montage

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Saturday, 23 September 2017

U2 Where The Streets Have No Name

The only way to listen to this is in silence lying on the floor with your eyes closed....problematic if you're driving a car. They nearly lost the music for this and retrieved it out the bin and realised it was gold. Iconic track on the iconic album Joshua Tree.

Where The Streets Have No Name

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Playlist Wisdom

If you're in doubt whether a song should be on your playlist or not then it probably shouldn't least not at this time. Ended up doing quite a lot of walking today and decided some have to go because they don't fill me with joy when they shuffle on. The only question is what to replace with...

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How Are You?

Always knew that question was important but been reminded in the last couple of days how important it is...I find it a hard question to ask sometimes because I don't want to be intrusive and I'm forgetful and self centred too. But might have been worth asking a couple of friends this week who've  each had their own tricky weeks it turns out. 

Need to think more on this song...

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Can You Really Have Everything?

However good life is there is always that extra thing out of your control such as tricky relationships,  illness, bereavement, unfinished business or just a feeling there ought to be more. As a Christian I can relate to many of these things and more but the perspective I have is that God is enough. My satisfaction, hope and joy can be bound up in Jesus and all he has done for me when he died at the cross. Our main problem is a severed relationship with God caused by our sin and only Jesus could put that right. True I still get buffeted by life's storms, disappointments and Jonah days (read Anne of Green Gables for background!). But I don't have to hold onto these things and base my security on my circumstances always being OK (and I have many good things in my life, as many of us do!). God is enough.

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Ed Sheeran Before He Was Famous

What I like about this is he's no different from before he was famous to now. OK apart from his bank account. I guess it's his modesty and genuineness. And just such a superb musician including the awesome loop pedal!

Ed Sheeran St Pancs Station

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Currently flirting with the high end of procrastination re study session this morning. Started with not getting up when I should have done, then a multitude of unnecessary activites and it has culminated in ending up here on da blog. Truth is I have some flex with timings this morning so even if I take a few more minutes this end I'll still be able to get a decent study session done and make in time for my first appointment of the day. Bummer...I need to keep afloat because I don't want to be behind.

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Friday, 22 September 2017

Life Admin

I can be mega organised at work (well ish) but when it comes to sorting my own stuff I am at best sloppy and at worst diabolical. I have had some scares where not opening envelopes has caused problems down the line; fixable but painful. So I do open all my post's just where to go after that. The eventual destination is either the bin or a filing cabinet but there are various places along the way. Just dull and unexciting so try to ignore.

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More Than Friends In The Charts

I heard this song on the way home today and was surprised it was current and in the charts because feels like I've been listening to it for ages. A good old upbeat love song showing sometimes "just good friends" isn't always the whole story although I don't think the video goes with the words...And this definitely goes on my running playlist to pick me up when I'm wilting towards the half way point!

More Than Friends James Hype

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Friday Night Stupor

No alcohol involved....just a quick trip to the supermarket and a mad dash for tea before I collapsed with hunger. Then a huge amount of non achievement in front of a terrible Netflix documentary. Been one of those weeks where things haven't gone quite to plan on various fronts and the weekend couldn't come too soon.

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